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Manhattan Cocktail Bite

Our Newest Bite: Manhattan

My Grampa is a Manhattan aficionado, and I finally received his approval for my Manhattan Cocktail Bite. Plenty of experimentation and recipe development were necessary for this beauty! It was terrible. But we suffered through it for your benefit. I love how smooth this Cocktail Bite is. You can definitely taste the whiskey, but it has a balanced flavor […]

Thyme and Citrus Moscow Mule Cocktail

Easy Winter Cocktails

A delicious libation is the perfect way to warm up in the winter. I found three winter cocktails that are not only delicious, but incredibly easy to make. I tweaked the recipes a bit but stayed true to the concept. Only a few, easy-to-find ingredients are necessary, and the drinks come together in a matter of minutes. Each […]

Apple Cider Moscow Mule

New Fall and Winter Cocktail Bites

I recently discovered the apple cider from Swanson’s Mountain View Orchards in Corvallis, MT. To say I am excited would be an understatement! It is delicious and just screaming to be incorporated into a Cocktail Bite. When the weather gets cooler, I find myself reaching for darker spirits. Bourbon is my go-to. Some new bourbon-based Cocktail […]

Hand picking up a Cocktail Bite

Cocktail Bites at the 2015 Boss Lady Bash

There is an amazing network of female entrepreneurs in Montana, and I had the pleasure of meeting a whole heap of them at the Boss Lady Bash in Bozeman. Check out the photographs of Cocktail Bites that Tori Pintar took. I can’t thank her enough for capturing such fun images of Cocktail Bites at a […]